Baleària incorporates an 'eco fast ferry' with capacity for 350 passengers on the Eivissa-Formentera line

November 03 from 2017 - 13: 15

The shipping company Baleària will incorporate by the end of the year the first unit of a series of four eco fast ferris that are being built in the Asturian shipyard Gondan and that has been launched during this Friday. The boats, which have capacity for 350 people, will be able to navigate at a maximum speed of 28 knots. The new ships will have an innovative bow, type wave-piercing, equipped with lateral water evacuation tunnels, which will facilitate navigation in adverse sea conditions, ensuring the comfort of the passengers.

Yes, Adolfo Utor, President of Baleària, the energy efficiency of ships stands out "for its design and propulsion system, the use of renewable energies and the materials used". The boats of the new series will have photovoltaic solar panels, which will supply energy for the services on board, and the hull will be made of polyester reinforced with fiberglass, which does not require the application of paint, and consequently is more ecological. In addition, they will be powered by state-of-the-art engines that minimize the emission of polluting gases, thereby "The four eco fast ferries will be the most eco-efficient at the moment in their modality", highlighted Utor.

With these additions, which will have a length of 28 meters and 9 meters of beam, Baleària It will make a qualitative leap in its transport services between Eivissa and Formentera, combining reliability, comfort and speed with respect for the planet.

The ships, which will have 270 interior and 80 exterior seats, will also present innovative audiovisual content in order to provide added value to passengers during the journey, which will be 30 minutes.

In line with Baleària's commitment to the environment, the shipping company has decided to name the four new units with the names of the four elements that make up nature according to the classics: Eco AQUA, Eco TERRA, Eco AIRE y Eco LUX.

new eco fast ferris will be added during the next months to the Baleària fleet, which is composed of 25 vessels (ferries and high speed). In addition, the company also has other intelligent ferries powered by liquefied natural gas under construction. It is worth mentioning that these ships will apply the latest technologies to the service of eco-efficiency and will incorporate services of a cruise, enhancing the experiential travel of passengers.

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