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Baix la Mar and West present their scrolls

Event Date: 19 October 2014
Event type: Party
The venue : Casales de las fallas Oeste and Baix la Mar
Opening times: It is explained below
Event finished

The failures of Dénia are already underway with the development of their scrolls, those artistic and cultural creations that serve to help the commission financially. This Sunday there are two faults that are going to present them publicly: West fails and the Baix la Mar fails.

The presentation of the parchment of the West fault will take place in the falcon house Pascual García at 13: 30 hours and is open to the public.

Pergamino West

At the end of the presentation, Manolo Márquez will cook the menu of the day: goulash. The price of the food is 10 euros and must be booked in advance through social networks or by sending an email to fallaoeste@hotmail.com.

The Baix la Mar fault, on the other hand, will present its parchment on the same day at 13 hours in his house and then Salva Llorens will be responsible for cooking fideuà de pato for all the attendees.

Baix la Mar charges

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