Aid to buy vehicles for those affected by the Cold Drop thanks to the Renault Group and Renault Ginestar

25 September 2019 - 13: 01

From the Renault Group they launch a relief action for those affected by the last Cold Drop: they sympathize with those who have lost their vehicle in the catastrophic floods that occurred at the beginning of September in the Levante area. Therefore, they launch a commercial aid for the owners of affected vehicles who wish to acquire a new or pre-owned model of the Renault or Dacia brands.

In the Renault and Dacia Network of the province of Alicante and the Region of Murcia, the following grants have been enabled:

  • 800 euros in the case of buying a tourism or a new commercial vehicle of the Renault brand
  • 500 euros in the case of buying any vehicle of the Dacia brand

In both cases, the aid covers the channels of private clients and proximity fleets.

  • 300 euros in case you are interested in acquiring a pre-owned vehicle

Interested persons must document that your vehicle has been affected by the natural catastrophe from Alicante and Murcia, even if they are drivers from other areas that were passing through at the time of flooding.

These grants are already underway and will last until the 1 of January of 2020. All orders for new vehicles, of all existing models of the Renault and Dacia ranges, made in the Network of the Province of Alicante and the Region of Murcia, and that meet the required conditions, can benefit from such action.

For more information, contact Renault Ginestar Dénia, Part Madrigueres Nord, 31C, or Renault Ginestar Benissa, La Pedrera Industrial Estate, C / Franklin 4-5D. You can call 96 573 01 83.

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