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Yesterday was the second day with the highest number of discharges since the state of alarm decree

24 2020 April - 11: 25

The Ministry of Health has announced a few minutes ago the new numbers of coronavirus infections in the Valencian Community, updated with yesterday's data. Although it is true that there is a slight growth in terms of new positives, 171 during yesterday (only 7 more than the previous day), we can celebrate the skyrocketing data on discharges and the decrease in the number of deceased newspapers.

In total, 10.906 Valencians and Valencians have been infected at some point in the COVID-19, of which 3.949 remain. For its part, the number of discharges since the pandemic came to our community is greater than that of active cases, with a total of 5.809.

In addition, the rate of registrations per day continues to be higher than that of new infections. During yesterday there were 421 discharges, compared to 171 new infections that were registered.

Finally, we must regret the death of 1.148 people from coronavirus in our community, 16 more than the previous day.

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