Increase help for the elderly so they can live wherever they want

February 17 from 2020 - 12: 15

This morning, the councilors of Social Welfare, Cristina MoreraElisabet Cardona and Senior Policies have appeared at a press conference to detail the investment in social matters of the new municipal budgets.

These policies, according to Morera, put the elderly and dependent people at the center. The aging of the Dianense population forces to increase the budget of the City Council to avoid that these people suffer social exclusion or are forced to leave their place of residence because they cannot take charge of daily work or because of the need for greater attention.

€ 100.000 increase for home help

To that end, the importance of the Home Help Service (SAD) has been highlighted, which offers support to users to be "free to live where they want". In total, 79 Dénia families are benefiting from these services, with 84% of users being elderly people. This has forced the notorious increase in investment in the service, from € 130.000 a couple of years ago to € 233.000 in this year. However, from the Department of Social Welfare ensure that the game will be increasing at the rate of need for the SAD to be available to everyone who requires it.

This support helps, according to Councilor Cardona, to end loneliness, avoiding social exclusion, and prevent diseases arising from inactivity, such as depression or those related to bones.

Greater commitment to workshops and adaptation of the residence

Other services that have stood out to achieve these objectives are the Workshops of the elderly classrooms, which have 900 people registered, having a budget of € 300.000, as well as the residence service, whose investment serves to adapt the facilities each more and more aged, as well as to increase the staff that works in it.

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