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This is the 2020 Ninots, fail to fail

February 26 from 2020 - 00: 50

The Ninots chosen for each failure to fight for the official pardon and thus get rid of the flames are already exposed in the Center d'Art l'Estació de Dénia. Last Saturday was the opening of the Ninot 2020 Exhibition and from that day, until Sunday, March 8, they can be seen for free in that center.

Here we collect the proposals of each commission to compete in the category of failures big:

Paris Falla Pedrera

  • Headline: I thousand and one
  • artists: germans Minyana

Falla Saladar

  • Headline: Masks
  • Artist: José Sanchís

Falla Baix la Mar

  • Headline: Who mou els fils?
  • Artist: José Sanchís

Falla Camp Roig

  • Headline:
  • artists: The comissió

Diana fails

  • Headline: Seduction locals
  • Artist: Juane Cortell

Falla Center

  • Headline: Per Naturalea
  • Artist: Pere Baenas

Darrere Falla del Castell

  • Headline: Secrets Orientals
  • Artist: I Serra Palace

Falla Campaments

  • Headline: Temptacions
  • Artist: EMC2 Failures

Falla West

  • Headline: The Llenguatge de Les Ones is Universal
  • Artist: I Serra Palace

Port-Rotes failure

  • Headline: Molta by I little shame
  • Artist: Paco Giner

Falla Les Roques

  • Headline: Carnival Carnival !!!
  • Artist: Patxi garcia
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