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This will be the monuments of the West Falla next March

January 14 from 2020 - 12: 15

Imagine of Borja Lorente and The Llenguatge de Les Ones is Universal de Palacio and Serra will be the failures They will be planted from March 14 in the Valgamedios square, better known as the West square.

Saturday, January 11, was the date chosen to unveil the two projects of the Falla Oeste for the next fallas parties. At 13pm in the Dénia Castle Fallas artisans, falleras, falleros and friends who wanted to discover the fallas for 2020 were brought together.

The act, presented by Marina Llorens, began with the presentation of the children's fault. Imagine Borja Lorente, debutante in the fault and city, bets on a very childish theme that revolves around the imagination of girls and boys with the central idea of ​​a trade so rooted in Dénia: toys. Child charges uncovered the sketch "full of enthusiasm and desire to see him in the street", they affirm from the commission.

Once the children's sketch was presented, it was the turn of the big fault. With a strong commitment to the values ​​of the West, with the collaboration of the artist Iván García they present an identifying image of the motto of the fault: The Llenguatge de Les Ones is Universal. A verse by Maria Ibars, a poet rooted in Dénia and summarizing the concept of failure. Ivan has made an image of watercolors with great freshness and expressiveness with which he will represent the commission these 2020 failures.

Next it was the turn to reveal the sketch of the fault. With the Fallera Mayor, the President and the artist Pepe Mas, the project of the big fault 2020 saw the light. A bet of the Palacio y Serra workshop and the failure of a very careful monument, rooted in the history of Dénia, with a lot of detail and with a set designed by the Fallero Valentín Alcalà who will aspire again to take the first prize of the category special.

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