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This will be the largest green area in Dénia

February 14 from 2020 - 12: 24

The City of Dénia presented this morning the project to enable the largest green area of ​​the city, the Bosc de Diana, with paths to walk and a picnic area for visitors.

The Councilor for Parks and Gardens, Pepe Doménech, and the Councilor for Urban Territory and Quality, Maria Josep Ripoll, presented this morning the new project that will cost € 108.000, distributed between the budgets of 2020 and 2021.

It is one of the priorities of the government team and one of its great promises during this term: to adapt the facilities of the Bosc de Diana. It seems that it will finally be a reality with the creation of what aims to be the main green area of ​​the city.

A park that currently has very limited access and little walkable. Only the morning of business days is open, so it makes it impossible for many people to enjoy it. However, this will change after project development.

With an area of ​​21.031 m2, it is, without a doubt, the largest park in Dénia, which will be joined in a future project by the area after Camí de Sant Joan to the Joan Fuster pavilion, which consists of 39.040 m2 more. In other words, 60.071 m2 of green area that can be walked on in the city.

The adaptation proposed by the City Council will consist of the creation of a walk with paths that surround the park inside, 2 meters wide and a maximum slope of 5%, thus adapted to people with reduced mobility. A new irrigation system, lighting, as well as banks and wastebaskets will be installed along the route.

In addition, Doménech has announced that it will be the place chosen definitively to install one of the winning proposals of the Participatory Budgets: the creation of a picnic area within Dénia.

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  1. Dani says:

    The project is fine, but they could put some fountain to cool off in summer since it is an area that hits a lot of sun and a dog park

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