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This will distribute the budgets of the Generalitat of 2020 in the Marina Alta

January 03 from 2020 - 14: 21

Ondara has been the chosen location to present, this morning, the contributions that are planned to be made in the region of the Marina Alta framed in the Budget of the Generalitat Valenciana 2020. Some regional budgets, the “Botànic Budgets” of those who have realized today, in the City Council of Ondara, Rosa de Falastín Mustafá, Regional Deputy, who has been accompanied by the Mayor of Ondara, José Ramiro, who thanked him for presenting the budgets in this population. For his part, Rosa de Falastín Mustafá has begun his appearance expressing his satisfaction of seeing fulfilled the promise to a historical claim such as the gratuitousness of the AP-7.

In the supramunicipal section, the Autonomous Deputy has detailed that 54.400 euros (Valencian Equality Network) will be allocated to the Massma; 770.000 euros (local entities financing - Social Services); 60.880 euros (specific intervention team with childhood and adolescence); and 30.000 euros (support for the operation of PANGEA migrant assistance offices). In addition to 101.euros to the Macma in support of the Xarxa Jove.

On the other hand, as detailed by Rosa de Falastín Mustafá, “Las Marinas will continue to concentrate the largest investment in public transport and mobility of the GV; of 53 million euros; 33 come here ”; specifically, they will be used for the modernization project of line 9 of the Dénia-Benidorm TRAM (the Teulada-Gata-Dénia tram line will be renewed and the platforms adapted).

With regard to the Generalitat 2020 Budgets, in the Marina Alta they have a budget for chapters VI and VII (investments in works and equipment, acquisition of centers, purchase of land, etc.) of 9.486.821 euros, which They are distributed as follows: Benissa 428.000 euros, Benitatxell 16.300 euros, Calp 1.716.942 euros, Dénia 1.725.660 euros, Gata de Gorgos 120.000 euros, Teulada 1.313.654 euros, Xàbia 2.472.889 euros, Ondara 57.411 euros, Pedreguer 25.000 euros, Pego 1.263.008 euros, Els Poblets 24.540 euros, and Alcalalí 285.917 euros.

Specifying these budgets, the Marina Alta mobility plan has a budget of 37.500 euros. For the drafting of urban planning proposals for the port of Calp the investment is 40.000 euros, of which 30.000 are in 2020; Furthermore, 35.000 euros will be allocated to the acquisition of new vehicles for the port of Calp. For the repair of the dock of the port of Xàbia 148.000 euros will be allocated; 100.000 in 2020; and to improve its energy efficiency, 190.650 euros. Also to the port of Xàbia 104.701 euros will be destined for the water network. In the case of the port of Dénia, for the repair of the southern dock of the port the investment is 176.000 euros (90.000 in 2020); for the installation of public lighting on the seafront in the area of raset 160.520 euros are allocated; and for the traffic pier there is 130.000 euros (of which 50.200 will be effective in 2020). Regarding road safety on the CV-734 in Xàbia, the investment in 2020 will be 500.000 euros, to which we will have to add another 500.000 euros in 2021.

In the section of educational infrastructures, in different places of the Marina Alta, investments are made in the improvement of primary education centers: Calp, 955.942 euros; Ondara, 57.411 euros; Alcalalí 285.917 euros; Dénia, 1.322.646 euros; Pego, 1.263.008 euros; Cat of Gorgos, 120.000 euros; and Teulada 824.984 euros. And in the Xara, there will be a school “Worthy, with modern, efficient and adequate facilities”. In addition, in the Marina Alta, a total of 871.786 euros have been budgeted for the children's bonus (0-3 year old girls); more than one million euros for dining scholarships; 853.000 euros for the XarxaLibres; as well as aid to school transport for 1.145 students.

In terms of culture and heritage, the Generalitat 2020 Budget includes 437.570 euros for the construction of a new Auditorium in Teulada, and 25.000 euros for conservation works in the Church of Santa Creu de Pedreguer.

To this, the Autonomous Deputy has added the provisions of the aid to the dependency law, which have doubled since 2015; and the Valencian income of inclusion; as well as the 200.000 euros of Turisme CV aimed at the promotion of gastronomy that the City of Dénia will receive; or 200.000 euros for the network of equality agents in the region (Dénia, Xàbia, Calp and La Massma). In short, as stated, responsible, realistic and vindictive budgets.

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