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This is how the parade of the Three Kings has traveled the streets of Dénia

January 05 from 2023 - 23: 10

This Thursday the Wise Men to Dénia to leave their gifts to the boys and girls of the city. But, as usual, before going through the houses they have paraded with their entourage in the floats of the popular Cabalgata de Reyes.

Since 2019, the Three Wise Men did not parade through Dénia with the calm and, at the same time, bombast that they did this Thursday. The pandemic seems to be a thing of the past and Their Majesties of the East have taken the opportunity to enter the city, after disembarking at the port, in style, with a larger parade than in recent years.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Hello, the photos are beautiful. A night of magic. But the school of Miguel Angel Bolo is missing