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Article from the Office of Innovation and Creativity: «Estem a prop i anem avant»

May 04 from 2020 - 11: 12

The crisis of the COVID-19 has meant, for the moment, a stop in tots els nostres projectes, els
personals and the col·lectius. Estem in a phase d'incertesa, to l'expectativa, but conscients who are going to change moltes coses in the nostre economic and social entorn. Dénia and the Marina Alta have started and are consolidating the base of a future hope, based on gastronomy -that which això implies in the tourist and cultural ambit- and the territory, with differentiating elements in our offer. One of the most repeated paraules in the nostres missatges was "proximity". Proximity of the products, proximity of the traditions, proximity of the paratges and proximity of the people. From the Office of Innovation and Creativity, involved in all the projects that go in the direction, she will also be next in this new stage, which will require reinventing us from the new reality and creativity, which will always It has been necessary to overcome difficult moments in history.

Arran the designation l'any 2015 of Dénia with the Creative City of Gastronomy of UNESCO and the consequent creation of the Office of Innovation and Creativity, it is going to mark the need to study the situation of the agri-food sector of Dénia i The Marina Alta from the widest possible range and with an innovative vision, aware that it is necessary to explore and have the resources available and create the best if in lime. The result will be the writing and the activation of the "Pla d'Acció Denia & MarinaAlta #Tastinglife", with the will to donate value to our gastronomic and agri-food heritage, always adopting the commitments involved in being part of the Xarxa de Ciutats Creatives de UNESCO has adopted the inalienable Objectius of Sustainable Development (SDG) and the policies and international programs related to the 2030 Agenda.

S'han carried out promotional actions for productes, producers and cuiners of the Marina Alta. Our tradition of food and nostre territory has been present in various national and international forums, hem creat productes turístics innovators per mitjà d'aliances amb companies del nostre Terri i hem treballat amb les nostres indústries agroalimentàries en el disseny i desenvolupament d'importants esdeveniments with the D * na Festival or the D * na Fòrum, in which a large part of the town councils of the Marina Alta subscribe a document in defense of the territory and the regional agri-food heritage. Hem also developed training programs for students, professors and researchers from tot el món.

Currently we are treballant in a new and advanced phase. Both the 'Bancalet' project is preparing to start a pilot experience on the custody of the gastronomic landscape of the Marina Alta. Volem develop a nou sentit of the culture of l'alimentació to the Marina Alta and reconstruct a gastronomic system respectuós amb l'entorn i lligat als hàbits culturals traditionals ia the innovative initiatives. Amb recovered it from the area of ​​les terres and the inn in value of the indigenous produce assegurarem, moreover, an agricultural landscape that will strengthen the tourist attraction of the region. The evolution of the food industry of the Marina Alta will advise, also, a more solid, diverse and adaptive economy, which enhances the reconnection and attractiveness of the northern territory.

A vegades les circumstàncies ens reaffirm, but they also force them to change the country, rethink, mature some ideas and projects. He is the one who fent ara mateix: look for solutions and propose eixides adapted to the nou and face inaccuracies on stage. Hem optat first to escort. Carefully escort the implicats -productors, cuiners, businessmen ...- to assess the current situation, to balance and to work towards ideas. Molts d'ells have been linked to the project of the first countries, per tant, the initial finalitat d'aquestes converses informals was no more than conéixer in which situation is troben ara mateix, who have impressions on the one who is passant and the what a pass. Molts, however, will insist on what would be interesting if you publish these visions for making debates and being useful. Share per mantindre hopes.

L'Oficina de la Innovació i la Creativitat removes the glove. Reflection fins i tot des del confinament. We know that in all the food and agriculture sectors there are urgencies that are so important for people who are so basic with the daily survival of people and activities, treball and business. Sense dubte hi haurà espais per als acords i les mesures pal·liatives. They are evident moments of concern and tots estem a l'expectativa.

Of those who have passed and are passant, tots hem tret concluded that the project sorgit is the paraigües of the Creative City eixirà reforçat. Ben was on the road and, if not more, subrate and accelerate the missatge of the defense of the territory, of the gastronomy of proximity and of the quality of life that ara ens sembla arrabassada. A missatge that plows, a month, incorporates a nou element. From the claimed proximity, from the paratge recuperat, from the sustainability commitment, sorgeix for the guarantee of security: knowing that we have the resources to prop can to be capable of self-management in the food court and the culinary heritage.

Hem d'eixir amb èxit d'aquesta situated fent more valuable the nostra difference and the nostra singularitat. It is the nostre value i hem de fer-lo visible. The Office of Innovation and Creativity will keep the commitments with a fully valid project, it will escort them from the sector and they will accompany them in the reflections and in the decisions that are made. Començarem incentivant thought it innovative. Parlarem i escort, i sobretot, estarem ben a prop.

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