Archeology supervises the redevelopment project of the Glorieta after finding Islamic material

November 25 from 2022 - 13: 39

The redevelopment project Glorieta and its environment has begun its execution around the same square, with the replacement of the rainwater and wastewater pipes. The project includes an archaeological performance directed by the Alebus company. Patrimonio Histórico SL, with the monitoring of the archaeologist, Noemí Daniel Asensio and the supervision of the Municipal Archeology Service.

The archaeological interventions carried out in the vicinity of the square have provided outstanding immovable remains and material ensembles that have made it possible to discover the urban development of the medina from the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries in this sector of the current city and, together with other archaeological interventions, have a very careful vision of its urban fabric.

The urbanization process of the Calle Marques de Campo and the installation of the sewerage network that affected the vicinity of the País Valenciano roundabout in 1994, as well as the construction of other elements such as a battery of buried containers in 2007, revealed a complex archaeological stratigraphy with units from the Islamic period. and valuable levels from the medieval Christian era, less well known as far as archaeological research is concerned. Paradigm of these post-Islamic levels, is the set of Italian, Majorcan and Catalan ceramics from the archaeological interventions in the Archive Square, whose chronology ranges from the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries.

Once again, post-Islamic archaeological stratigraphy has been scant and difficult but present. Some walls dated through a coinage from the XNUMXth century, a coin with a tree from Valencia, perhaps from Felipe III or Felipe IV, accompanied by some ceramic forms, refer us to that chronology.

The archaeological interventions carried out in Ramón y Cajal street in 2017 by the technical team of Arpa Patrimonio SL, reveal a characteristic common to all of them, they provide Islamic architecture immersed in a prestigious urban environment, where domestic dwellings present structures of Carefully made and where wall decorations and tiled patios are common, with decorative banding that sometimes delineates structures related to the use of water for ornamental purposes.

On the other hand, the archeology of the place reveals an issue that distinguishes the Islamic medina, that is, a much more rugged topography in this sector than the current city, with a sensitive slope or dive in a north-south direction.

The archaeological project that has been designed is based on the development of an exhaustive monitoring of all the conditions in the subsoil, although the renovation of certain pipes runs over previous trenches, since they will reveal stratigraphic profiles susceptible to archaeological documentation. Likewise, various surveys have been projected depending on what the archaeological future advises.

Archaeology, however, once again has been generous and has provided us with some unique structures. A road heading northeast/southwest with a sewer, which delimits a dwelling in which a latrine can be seen next to a well-cared-for pool that hides a small canal. The typology of the elements that make up the mortise, bricks measuring 27,00 x 24,00 x 4,00 cm, refers us, once again, to a prestigious urban area where tiles are common.

Once the intervention is finished, which may still give surprises, the vestiges will be covered with geotextile and inert gravel and will remain preserved under the new floor of the Glorieta.

2.- Photo: Alebus. Historical Heritage SL
3.- Archaeological intervention in Ramon y Cajal street, 2017. Photo: Arpa Patrimonio SL.

  1. Paloma says:

    Why are these remains of previous cultures not valued, discoveries that without a doubt would bring a plus of cultural attraction to the city? It would undoubtedly serve for THAT "SEASONALIZATION OF DENIA'S TOURISM" that they talk about so much in the forums of the sector and it would make the eyes of the citizens happy.
    I do not understand the option that the vestiges will be covered with geotextile and inert gravel and will remain preserved in so many locations in the city and now also under the new floor of the Glorieta.!!!

    • Joan says:

      They talk about "deseasonalizing tourism" since the 70s, forgetting that people have a life, jobs, schools and real obligations in their countries or areas of residence. Here they believe that everyone is a civil servant or lives on income.

  2. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    Are they authentic ruins with archaeological value, or rubble from bygone eras?
    I say this because of the treatment that the administration usually grants to these plots, which once explored, remain in a state of abandonment for many years.
    Vegetation is uprooted, flora that denotes the richness of the land, large furrows are opened, leaving wastelands devastated and cruelly injured in sight, ending up in garbage dumps for pedestrians, while compromised works are paralyzed, leaving the urbanization of streets and avenues almost unfinished. eternally.
    Does the consistory really have an interest in conserving this rubble – according to its own treatment – ​​or is it trying to bother talking about Islamic culture at the same time?
    I take this opportunity to remember that in our country the social communist government works exactly in the opposite direction; tearing down crosses, wanting to do the same with the Valley of the Fallen. Leaving churches, monasteries, etc. without service or maintenance. Really historical. In short, everything against our Christian culture.
    What is happening to us, where are we going with the preferences, even the help that is given to people depending on whether they are from here or come or are brought from there.
    Excuse me, I have strayed… but one is affected by uprooting, I do not want this to seem xenophobic, since the error comes from our government, not from immigrants, who ultimately take advantage of what is free and without any compensation SE OFFERS THEM.
    Good morning, gentlemen.

    • Joan says:

      Yes, yes, it has deviated quite a bit. A pity to confuse or try to mix History and Archeology with Politics, immigration and Religions.

      • Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

        Good morning Juan, I understand and respect you. But in current Spain EVERYTHING IS LINKED. THE LAY, WITH RESPECT TO OUR CATHOLIC BELIEFS, AND THEIR PERSECUTION, CANCELLATION OF CULT FESTIVITIES AND TRADITIONAL FESTIVITIES and ignoring and despising their humane and selfless work that they offer to all people, without distinction of creed. And the political ease so that there are mosques in almost all the populations of Spain almost in portals of homes, allowing their ancestral customs and prioritizing their updating in Spain. As I said before, IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE IMMIGRANTS, who unfortunately will end up being more observed every day and also more annoyed by this permissiveness.
        Thank you D. Juan. All the best.