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Aqualia warns of a possible decrease in pressure in Les Roques and La Xara for maintenance

03 October 2015 - 00: 00

The company that manages the water in Dénia, Aqualia, has warned that next Monday will suffer decreases pressure in the upper area of ​​the neighborhood Les Roques and La Xara due to maintenance work to be performed.

Currently the company works on cleaning and disinfecting the water tanks of the municipality, complying with the Cleaning and Disinfection Plan of the Water Tanks that supply the residents of Dénia, within the framework of the Sanitary Program of Self-Control and Supply Management .

Calle San Francisco

They claim from the company, "the realization of these works is important to ensure the quality of the water stored in the tanks, which is subsequently distributed to the entire population". These works are conducted in three stages: in the first hydromechanical cleaning is performed to remove sludge from the walls and floor. Then reviewed and repaired, if necessary, valves, manholes, pipes, and other elements of the tank, taking advantage of the same is empty. And finally we proceed to disinfection inside the tank and checking the quality before restoring the water supply.

For any questions or doubts, residents have the Service Center 902 18 60 phone Customer- 18.

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