APAD Humane Association of Dénia

APAD was formed in order to rescue abandoned, neglected and ill-treated dogs, to cure them and take care of them in the best way possible during their stay at APAD and to find them a new family that will love them forever.

The main objective of APAD is to prevent future abandonment and ill-treatment, to make people aware of being responsible and to have respect for the animals and for that they denounce the abuse and offer information so that life with the dogs is as pleasant as possible.

At this moment they have more than 120 adult animals and puppies that hope to find a home where they are treated with respect and responsibility. Their philosophy is never to sacrifice an animal for lack of space or money, but to restore their health, rehabilitate and find a home for all abandoned animals under their care.


Departure Madrigueres Sud 36C, 03700 Denia -

  1. Maria says:

    In Urbz. Monte Solana empty villa there are only 15 days in August at CALLE RIU GIRONA 48 Pedreguer. Have a dog chain tied 24 hours a day sometimes without food the neighbors have to give him food. The owner of the house lives in Pedreguer but already the second dog I know in these conditions the previous lasted two years a German Shepherd who was confined to a life sentence. We are collecting signatures for the City Council put an end to this torture.

  2. kikecuro@gmail.com says:

    Hi good afternoon, I have a great problema.Hace few years adopt a dog aPad Denia, is the sweetest and good dog I've ever had, but now one of my daughters developed an allergy to the dog, so they have to be separated and that is not the life that the poor girl deserves.
    We look for someone who can take and give life they deserve, even we could take care of the food and veterinary expenses. It's a very tough decision for us, so we would only see someone that has the characteristics to look after her well.
    It is a Pointer almost 5 years.
    Thank you

  3. nicole says:

    Lucia in principle your comment is very good and respected it. My experience has shown me that adopters want the cheapest as possible, all for free “since they take one out of the prote to pay” and they leave, that's the reality. Another reality is the multiple litters each year of responsible owners who end up in the shelters if they are lucky or in the kennels if they are not lucky. Another thing is that there are not so many donations to be able to do the surgeries, because we do not want pregnancies or hysterical males due to the smell of a female in heat (because they suffer they have diarrhea, they lose weight, they stop eating and they fight each other and they get hurt from gravity) on the protector. Come to the protector and if you want I will explain everything and she showed you everything including the dog that has just been attacked in his group and almost lost his leg. A big greeting

  4. nicole says:

    Antonio Cuesta llamanos or pasate protective Monday and we explain well what happens. Although almost certainly we need a police report, by the simple fact of being a private property. The phone is 96 642 76 78 call me between ten and one. Thank you

  5. antonio lucas costs says:

    On the street Maestro Serrano 15 of Denia, street corner Sertorio and passage of Chaplin Bocateria, there is an old house with no more back yard of 10 square meters where neighbors around have come to account for more than 12 dogs in what apparently, it is an undercover dogs within the town kennel.
    We ignore if they are licensed to develop this activity. It would be normal for the suburbs. The problem is that the owners / owners / tenants of that old house apparently did not live in it leaving the abandoned almost all day and night, especially on weekends dogs.
    These dogs spend all the time barking, stopping only when it appears by any keepers house, bothering the neighbors, especially at night, because practically have left in this yard, not in the old house . I recently had a little sign on the front door of the apartment (serrano Maestro, 15) announcing the sale of puppies as pets.
    Before calling the pound or the local police to inspect the site and take the measures that legally correspond and hear the barking of the poor animals maybe you. Can exercise some action to move their activity to the countryside or places where there produce discomfort and animals have proper attention if they want to continue that activity.
    Before undertaking other actions I'd like your view on this matter.
    Thanks in advance,
    Antonio Cuesta.

  6. Eva says:

    Well complaint or give the address of where the dog ... do not let that animal continue to suffer

  7. patricia says:

    Conoxco a person who sometimes hits or mistreats animals accustom the dog cries for nothing i the owner paste mistreats or threatens the animal i do not take it out almost never pase.ar

    • patricia says:

      Regarding the comment before the dog suffers from ill-treatment helps some people who suffer from poor animal

  8. Lucia says:

    Hi, I'm reading what poneis esque some associations are flipadas FLIPADAS seem to have the OMNI power to decide everything and so is not, in my opinion in Spain is needed not only less corruption that nor do I care I care about life, it takes an agency to oversee associations that neutering dogs because if that's an aberration, and if you have to do I accept it but at least sterilize it will be the same as a baseptomia and living things no dogs or loved cats live retain their parts, but hey that is not what can not talk to an association, because if you do not understand because castrate you begin to speak in a high-handed tone not see, you think a little and clear neutering is cheaper than sterilization, I'm pretty upset because I wanted to adopt a dog 500km I went to see him and let him see me because I did not want castarle instead of telling me that it can be sterilized, URGENTLY NEEDED ANY AGENCY tHAT SUPER VISE TO PARTNERSHIPS FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH ITS PRINCIPLES MAY BE A And that's not right, so fashionable neutering benefits not have aha prostate and cons leean research in the United States respect castration please if you love those animals do not that ye may be sterilized if people do not know that there is a difference and simply accept, consciously consciousness only ask you to think for a while just for a while
    Thank you

  9. marina says:


    I recommend you visit this website, there you can get information and various protective contact that are all over Valencia.

  10. marina says:

    Dear Nicole, I see you respond to comments exhaustively and friendly.
    I went to Apad with my son to walk dogs and offer volunteer and hardly looked us in the face, it looked like we were spies or something cold and unfriendly by the welcome they gave us, some German ladies. Eye, I be misunderstood, I have German and many other friendly countries.
    In fact we did not take data or anything and hung to talk to each other in their language, which to my luck, I understand and talk quite a bit ...

    I have met FELCAN volunteers who are Majis and very dedicated.

    There are other organizations, APYRA, APASA, ADAMA, RAMA, MOSSETS, CERECO, ADYPA, SPAP, SAT, etc.

    I think that decent people wanting help never left over, so I think it's better serve them well before swat.

    • Maria says:

      Nome strange I take your comment that I found them a little dog on the road and some German ladies Apad not want to catch me. Then I saw them asking in the market and pass them I do not like anything OJO I also have German friends I appreciate very much. So esque not take that kind of association.

  11. Nicole says:

    Apad if you want to stop by or call us and talk to 966427678 to be volunteers must have at least 16 years or be accompanied at all times by an adult you trust.

  12. Francesca says:

    Hello my daughters have 11 years:
    they adopted a puppy last year and would like to go 2015 summer voluntary APAD to help walk them, feed them, ducharlos ... and help where they can, a few hours.
    Contact me. Thank you!!

  13. Belen says:

    Hello, I'm looking family to two born cachorritas in August, for economic reasons not to me I can be, Seran medium-sized, one is brown and the other black and white deserve to have a better life, if someone is interested this is my phone number 651 39 15 07, thanks

  14. jose says:

    Hello, good morning, I have had to resort to this option to find a home for my dog ​​because the place where I live now does not allow animals, and where I lived was a house with a patio ... if someone could give them a home, love and care I would be very grateful it is a dog all white and on the head a brown "mask" is very very pretty, it is 2 years old and does not reach the knees it is called SWEET. I hope someone can help me…. If it were up to me, I wouldn't give it, but due to time and work, it prevents me from going to be looking after her and I don't want that for her.

    Call me at this number: 697333936. Joseph

  15. Leonor says:

    Hi I have a presioso dalmatian, which for reasons of space can not have it. He is very affectionate if someone. Have space where I have it and treat it with love you can call the number, 662698445

  16. Irene says:

    Good afternoon, I wonder if even make meetings on Sundays to go walk the dogs.
    Thank you.

    • Nicole says:

      the truth is that we do not make these outings with the dogs anymore, because this action greatly altered the functioning of apad. But if you can come and go for a walk with some hairy or another in the schedule of the protector. Monday to Sunday 11: 00 -13: 00 hours and 17: 00 - 19: 00 hours
      Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon closed
      thank our dogs every ride we.

  17. Carlos Tarrega Momblanch says:

    Thank the association demonstrated readiness and haste to meet the aid requested regarding a cat that prowled urbanization, and after entering our garden began to present serious problem ?, because abortion does wore dangling what created two placentas. Thank you.

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Carlos,
      Thank you, it was a pleasure to have been able to help this little cat.
      I am the person who took the call.
      A huge thank you and salute APAD and myo

  18. Fabienne says:

    Good afternoon,

    Because rockets, June 23 yesterday evening, our 2 kgs yorkshire dog, black and tan has run away from home (heading Beniadla) where we were. (A microchip and this sterilized)
    If anyone finds it, please contact eachother

    Thank you so much

  19. Natalia says:

    APAD sacrifice in dogs, cats do not accept, and mistreat employees.

    • Nicole says:


      • pains says:

        Nor will I comment on things that everyone knows you do but let you say to put protective in other municipalities that do not help because there sudbencion says everything about what actually you are and you show that only import sudbenciones ie the money that you perceive!

      • Javier says:

        But because you lie to Natalia, it is a serious fault to hear you say that only "sick" dogs are sacrificed. Come on, I'm surprised with your answer. You know, a few weeks ago we had to adopt a dog that was almost a year old and was ready to be slaughtered, I don't know which one. It will be your answer after seeing this.

        • nicole says:

          Javier Apad there is no list of dogs awaiting slaughter.
          not where you adopted? These lists are not protective in kennels.
          repeat not speak again come to know apad!

  20. Carlos says:

    I wanted to know if there are small cats in the kennel?

  21. Eve says:

    Arrive babies or changes in home or vacation and everyone to take animals or given to me when one decides to take care of an animal is with all the consequences or perhaps if you change your home, go out on vacation or you adopt one pet give to your children for adoption ... because people do not want with all his soul to the animals adopt or buy ... if they could be adopted or purchased by people from the 1 day to have them until the end of care, nurture and protect as they deserve ... I pensároslo before a whim is a bag zara not an animal ...

  22. Laura says:

    Good afternoon, I have a little bitch is ratonera.Necesito give it up for adoption, since it is impossible to live with it comes with my bebe.Tiene 6 years but is very nervous and now we can not atenderla.Gracias.


    Hi, I'm Alina, I have a buzzard in 1 year, economic problems have to move to a rented house and the owner of the house does not allow me to have it, I'd q someone good to adopt it, it is very very affectionate and fiel.Me It gives much penilla but I have no opción.Gracias

  24. Rose says:

    Hello, I give a puppy of "Breton" Epagneul Breton 3 months with the vaccines in day, it is very affectionate and very good !!

  25. rockrose says:

    Good morning, I was a lost black dachshund puppy is male and has 11 añospor area mongo, if anyone has seen him please contact me.

    Thank you very much and greetings

  26. pink says:

    hello last Saturday November 9 lost my Siamese cat by the marina called Chuspi, please if someone finds it and brings it there, let me know. Thank you
    tiena white paws as if lllevara boots

  27. IRENE says:

    'STRAY CAT !! my cat escaped 2 weeks ago
    14 / 08 / 2013 4 at km in the urbanization El Palmar. It has 2 years,
    He is neutered and color WHITE COLOR WITH LARGE SPOTS
    DARK GRAY. Is distinguished by its stains spread
    follows: Has the right ear dark gray three
    Large spots on the back, the tail and completely dark
    stain on the right leg. The rest of the white body, belly
    also white. It is called gauss. Please if alguen found,
    I call this number: 618566498

  28. Alexandra says:

    'I lost my cat !! Please help me find it, I've lost 20 / 8 / 2013 night, jumping from the window ... She has the 3 or 4 months is tiny black with a little white on the sobaquitos, eyes are colored yellowish green and where the eyebrows is the most clarito as if it had long hair, I lost baix the sea, but not if one day be carried away. If You find you can call if they have WhatsApp 657.249.744 or send me a photo and I will tell if it ... ..thank.

  29. alain says:

    Hello I have a pitbull 4 months with all vaccinations for work dia.por have to go the pais.espero someone can take money I do not ask only this well kept happy is very bonito.soy tan Denia if anyone is interested call tel.634125386

  30. Laura says:

    I mean that if you do not like the comment not even what you publish, that shamelessness, freedom of speech!

  31. mimi says:

    Hi I would like to know if anybody has Siamese kittens?

  32. Tania Carolina says:

    good hello, I have a bitch about 5 years, of medium height and brown, black and white, is playful and likes to run a lot, is very affectionate with children and no bite is very disciplined.
    We travel for reasons we have to leave but we would like to stay with the someone to not have to sacrifice.
    It is very urgent because we travel within 3 weeks.
    If you want to get informed please call this number please: 615200862

  33. rocio del pilar says:

    Hi I'm giving a puppy because of travel is very affectionate and have a good year. I am for Denia

  34. Hard hope towers says:

    Hello I hope the 16-5-13 day you comment k on the road to their wing marines height of the restaurant ISA there in that area some abandoned (two) dogs are a white breton with gray spots and short tail is female, the other white and black with longish hair is not whether if it is male or female lead since December 2012.Ayer day 22-5-13 my son came from school when he saw them in the restaurant area ISA on the road are always Hence, the black and white lame front leg hit the Habran, are always around that area or a little above where there a cross by going to oliva.Os please ask if you can do something for them always go together and BE going wrong, ask in the safe zone k all ven.LA is female breton imagine when in heat and put to breed out there and the other is wrong of a leg is seen delgadito.espero k podais do something because now comes the heat and worse todavia.Si you tell me ALG or will it agradeceria.Un saludo.gracias

  35. Hard hope towers says:

    Hi am olive want to mention to k I have since last December saw two puppies down the road from their wing marines height where this ISA restaurant, I sometimes have k go to school MARIA IBARS and today 16-5-13 I have seen otravez , they are a breton white female with gray spots and cortito tail wearing necklace and the other is white and black are always together are medium sized, I am very sorry k remain abandoned and nobody do nothing to cojerlos.El February when he came from back to olive wing height of the ISA restaurant a little later there a cross are always around that area searching containers one day I saw in the middle of the road and tube k stop at the arcen the breton was eating something and when I closer I saw he was eating an already dry dead animal and the other was in front of the road was afraid the two could not cojerlos and I put two cans of food k wore my cats when I left the car began to eat but today I pr eocupado much when and seen the black and white bears a leg badly limping and Breton k is little dog approached men k are doing work on the road above the restaurant's been scared are always around that area the dog k limp now this very thin (is not whether it is male or female) have so many abandoned k months I did not remove the cabeza.Me imagine that you will appreciate very saturated but infinite k been able to do something my conscience tells me and I would be grateful because I have dog and cats suffer much ellos.Si ask for that area of ​​the restaurant have k see or say local police wing k e aveces seen passing along the road, they have always gone together and go run is a shame so long suffering. both have the same height Breton and otro.Si want to call me to comment on something my telf. 625490994 I send a greeting and I hope k medigais any news.

  36. Paul says:

    Good morning, not so good for me. My dog ​​escaped last Friday, 5 days ago, it was at night and it was raining. It is a Podenco and Breton 9 months, not very large, white with brown spots. I would greatly appreciate your return, it was lost by the Galeretes but after days looking for it from all around, Mailo did not answer.
    Thank you very much.

  37. Saesmut says:

    Looking for a small dog, Beagle style. If someone gives you contact me. Thank you

  38. Montana says:

    Holaa, I am Montana, my mother is desperate to find his dog Duke who has lost in Dénia, is a pincher, very nice black fire, very nervous and playful, takes two days of huge search and has put posters ... do not know because do, if you are Denia and see it, contact me, thank you very much, greetings!

  39. sabi says:

    Hello everyone: I have a Golden of 3 years and I started to have (believe it is epilepsy), and I can not see you, because I am also enferma.Nos said the veterinarian, who with medication may have fewer seizures and reach control them and be a dog normal.Yo love him very much, but I complicate my illness and I can cuidarlo.Es very good, sweet and cariñoso.Si someone can take care of him and give him what I'm not going to power, gift, it is authentic and has all their shots and leading the chip.
    Thank you very much, my phone is 647246269

  40. Maricarmen says:

    Hello, I'm from Denia and wanted Capara my puppy is a beagle 10 months and I had commented that the protective they did and went something cheaper I would like to know if someone is informed about this topic and can help me, thank you very much.

  41. Rachel says:

    I found a dog abandoned quarry diambulando by Denia, was very thin, too. I've bought bread and water but not me I can be as I have 3 dogs. It is medium sized very pretty brown it, if anyone is interested I'll get it.

  42. Bertha says:

    Hello, last night lost a golden retriever white Denia. If someone sees it please notify the protective, local police or national. We are advised to alert you if someone sees it.
    Thank you.

  43. Carol Linares says:

    Tod @ s good to !!


    I am contacting you to ask for your help to save a boxer dog slaughter. It is located in Badajoz kennel and has already been adopted by a family of Dénia.
    But, you need a pre ... ie someone to go to the home of the adoptive parents with a questionnaire by mail ... you send and verify that everything is correct. And send the questionnaire back.

    No need to do anything else.

    If this is not done ... the adoption fails and kill the dog when you already have a home waiting for her.

    Would there be a volunteer?

    Thank you so much for everything,
    a huge kiss,

  44. Jose j says:

    Hi everyone, I have a turtle water-a diameter of about 10 cm.
    It's great to have it in the aquario we have.
    If anyone can take good care of the regalaríamos.

  45. Marta says:

    What do you think of three dogs (one pitbul and two smaller ones, do not remember the race) that or take very little to relieve themselves, walk and run around or not ever take because what they are doing these animals is to make your needs on the terrace of the apartment in which they live ?. Under the terrace is mine which have stained me every day of my vacation every morning I had to clean the tread of the dogs of my neighbors. I present here because apart from the inconvenience they have caused me, it does not seem to me to be a good way of loving dogs one if not even accustomed to daily walks so they can make their needs as well walk, run ...
    I say the Pit Bull is a breed considered dangerous and should go out with a series of requirements such as muzzle. Maybe that's why it has been the owner of that dog with him in her arms. As you can see everything very irregular, I tell you that these dogs spend their days indoors and only come occasionally to the terrace to clear make their needs because taking them out to the street and I say nothing at all or very, very little.

    If I could give any advice to see what can be done, the owners of these animals are quite intractable and not only excuse for damages that are causing me but insult me ​​and slander me saying ugly things.

    Ah, I am a person I love animals, I had a cat that I died for heart disease and miss her every day, I loved her so much I had great company and I was very fond.

    Zoraida hope your answer. In advance thank you wholeheartedly.

  46. Zoraida says:

    Hi good morning, I have two orange kittens are brothers 5 months. Unfortunately my mother two weeks ago he detected a very strong allergy to cat hair. I would give them to people who give them love. Contact me at this email: Zoraida.estrems.ferrer@gmail.com and ask me pictures of kittens if they wish. I am from El Verger. Kisses

  47. Maria says:

    Hi. Saturday at 17h have advised me that they have seen a German shepherd boy crossing the road at the height of Llacer (Denia). He seemed lost, wearing a red-garnet necklace and almost run over. It's gone by the back of the building Llacer, a path to the field. Can anyone do anything? In this heat you can die dehydrated, please.

  48. Isabel says:

    hello I forgot to put as the dog is medium has some race but the vet told me a strange mixture when wormed is white with tan spots long hair, (not much) large head, long body and legs large but short, this teaching has to relieve himself outside, it is very loving is delightful walk him why not fight with anyone, is about a year or so it resembles the dog Neverending story and rastreator tell me, is nice and does not bark when the doorbell rings, bsss

  49. isabel sala says:

    hola soy isa, I read your page and you have absolutely right, ignore it from experience, found a dog in the river and they were going to leave his fate, neither the police nor civil guard or anything 2 weeks ago that I have and I've tried everything, pictures, internet, talk to people, the downside is that I have a dog and a cat and I end holidays and not to do more, I am writing to ask you if you so could you be and I I pledge to sponsor him (not to leave with an option to adopt) If it were so much will it cost and if you wanted I would go to help in what could please answer me I would appreciate, bsss

  50. Yolanda says:

    Good afternoon:

    I tell you that I still see the white dog with black spot algin next to the bar-restaurant Corinto (it is next to the LID'L from El Verger). Sometimes it moves through the streets of the neighborhoods of El Verger, but where spends more time in front of the villa is located next to the LID'L and Bar-Restaurante Corinto.

    Do you Podiáis help ?.

    Thank you very much.

  51. Yolanda says:


    For several days we have been seeing a white dog with some medium-sized black spot pulling small for the urbanizations of the town of El verger. He usually spends a lot of time next to the “CORINTO” bar-restaurant and the chalet next to the restaurant. The road is very close, and we have seen him cross it several times with the danger that it supposes.
    We have asked the owner of the "CORINTO" and he tells us that he does not know who he is, he does not have a necklace and he is very thin. He tells us that he is hanging around because they have a dog that is currently in heat.
    Could you help? I am sorry to see him so hot these days without food or water.

    Thank you for your work.

  52. Natxo says:

    Hi, I wanted to mention that two days ago were in Denia (Las Rotas) but got to eat at the exit of the car park of the shooting, and saw that there was a white greyhound and brown very clearly abandoned, we put water and food for my dog . Notice that he is afraid, try to flee, someone please take thanks
    PS: Not for me, is if someone could adopt him would be very happy, also does not bark.

  53. Andrea says:

    home urgently looking for black kitten 2meses not able to attend, takes very well with dogs and is very affectionate. It was abandoned in the street.

  54. Angel Gomez says:

    Good morning I think it has escaped my dog ​​one husky attends named Xena, in the area Les Rotesñ say I think it is not very clear to me removed, but I have pruebasl but I see very rare. my phone is 615489023

  55. Macarena says:

    Hi. I am a young girl from Madrid who come every summer and some bridges to Denia. I'll be here until the end of August. I would like to volunteer for the time being here and help as you can with animals. You can contact me by email. Greetings and encouragement with furry!

  56. slope says:

    I've been this past weekend in Denia in an apartment on the street Cigonya, 9 and the chalet front (street Verderol corner Cigonya) two dogs, a higher boxer and a young German shepherd) who are all day looked in an area of ​​the villa where defecate and nobody cleans. People living in that house totalemnte ignore the dogs. When the heat and the sun is high dogs stick to the walls go for shelter. The sprue is metallic and is in the sun all day and I doubt you have water at some point of the day. I have not seen them bring them to eat. You see numbed by lack of walks and esímulos. Sunday for some reason the dogs were tied with ropes with nooses, a wall of the house without drinking all day. The boxer was little moved and the German shepherd was constantly crying. They need exercise and attention.
    The villa is white with low palnta. Those who live in the house when they leave or enter it ignore the animals, as if they did not exist.
    I wish they could do something for them and improve their living conditions
    Thank you po attention ..

    • FRANCINE REMY says:

      HELLO, I HAVE LIVED IN DENIA 4 MONTHS ... is an outrage ... many dogs SUN stay in a small terrace !!! HA called the police are obliged to help ... OA APAD? LO HICE.HAGALO PLEASE DO NOT HAVE THEM VOICES THANK ME IF YOU CAN SAY IT WITH THEM OCCURIO

  57. micaela says:

    Hi. 3 have kittens two months and a half, one female and two males. If anyone is interested in adopting some pussy you can contact me at any time. Thank you.

  58. Pepa says:

    I have two kitties three months, gift, loving and used to being with children

  59. raquel says:

    Hello, my name is Rachel, I wanted to mention to the issue of poor cow that has drowned in your feasts, it does not give you veguenza, not such as a festival of national tursitico interest, the poor cow hogandose and everyone participating in its agony savages, and a voice that says free to co mer¡, que bonito, is a being watched and agony that had esl, a same as a human being when you are drowning, you hear me it seems that parties are not made with animals, shoot them you water and leave the poor animals alone, then we want to be like in euripa, it is impossible to think that in any country in Europe can ocurir something, I think you as an association of animals you ought intervene not stay with folded arms, my final word is this, murderers of animals and also disfrutais the suffering of animals.

    • maria says:

      SRA if you can call it so; If you do not know that's the party there is a saying that MOUTH SHUT sink ships think I told you very clearly but understands stop talking bad 1 · my beautiful village that next will not go for anything · 2 be something for my great parties we would have them and many who do not get us to the soles of shoes and finally tell him that if did not come to Denia is not even needed to approach riddance

      • Maite Correro says:

        To this person to you. Casts doubt on it a lady, I tell you, rather you reply that possibly deserves much more this description to him, Anyone who cares about an animal and its way of life or die, I consider him worthy of the highest respect. And I admit to nothing to justify cruelty to animals any party, neither here nor there, anyway, and will tell you more if I had my way would be prohibited any festive event, where could proporcionarsele to an animal whatever it is any damage.

      • marina says:

        It seems to me that Dona Raquel is much more than a lady.
        I have doubts that whoever answered with the absurd hose "if you can call him madam", believing that he was going to be super cool and superior, is even a human being.

        The cow was intended to be eaten, I do not know if it is right or wrong, because only a vegan or vegetarian can give lessons in ethics in this section.

        But what cries out to heaven is that people can give you equal and even seem fun to see how an animal suffers, drowning, slowly dying in a panic, shouting and revelry human course, superior beings ...

        Dénia is a very nice town (or to taste), but what is clear is that it is inhabited by a good portion of riffraff inhuman and devoid of any ethical and education.

    • Natxo says:

      Rachel, have entered deliberately to disturb, for that closes the mouth

      • marina says:

        She has not come to bother, he has entered what many people say could see, with some fun, and others with revulsion.

        And to shut your mouth, not up to you, the moderating team decides this page.

        For your grief.

        No democracy, in case you have not heard. Too often, and the proof is that this page shows comments like yours and like one who doubted the condition of Mrs. Rachel ...

    • FRANCINE REMY says:

      OF ACCUERDO WITH YOU, so many people are heartless !! OR HEAD TO REFLECT ON THE PAIN INOCENTESI these animals

  60. Maite says:

    Hello good day. I write to say that I saw this morning dalmatian breed two dogs (males), were loose, or have lost or been abandoned. Each carry a collar red. They are a danger to cause an accident or get hit a car, I have seen first time on 9: 00 of tomorrow Round the Walls, near Llunàtics and a second time on the 10: 00 by near the Maria Ibars Institute. Please do something about it. Thank you.

  61. chrystelle says:

    Perrita gift Mestizo (French Bulldog and American) .. It's tiny ... White with a pirate hojo ... It's very funny and above all very loving ... It has all vaccines, primer in order and with the chip set.
    I just hope that care, if I could not give it but I have nowhere to leave. Urgent !!! ... She needs a home !!! Chrystelle 676 41 21 56

  62. chrystelle says:

    Perrita Presa Canario gift. You have one year (10 / 03 / 11) pedigreed.
    It has all vaccines, primer in order and with the chip set.
    Cariñosa and is perfect for storing houses, farms and plots. I just hope that care, if I could not give it but I have nowhere to leave. Urgent !!! ... She needs a home ...

  63. xaro says:

    Gift perrita two very affectionate and used to being with people years. This educated and very docile, I would like to give it to someone who likes animals very much, she endears. I switch to a flat and I can not take it with me. thanks in advance

  64. Coral says:

    Hello! I have seen some messages that refer to the same case, but wanted to stress since I just saw next to the shopping center ondara a large dog, severely malnourished, and possibly labrador mix (in the dark did not look good). The animal was looking for food in garbage bins in the back, as you leave the parking lot and almost ran over him. Please pray do something about it. a greeting

  65. Svetla says:

    Hi. I wanted to adopt a small breed puppy.

  66. Maite says:

    There is also a dog of mixed race (mixed buzzard, possibly), small, in black color, the area round the walls and neighborhood Les Roques de Denia, which looks lost for several days.

  67. Maite says:

    Hi, I reiterate the comment that has Nurieta about a lost dog of large size, mix of labrador prowling around the commercial center of Ondara. It will be a couple of days I saw there, with the danger of the highway and the road so close. I feel very strong, this animal is from there will at least two months. I do not go much to the mall, but it will make a couple of months we went to the movies and the dog was hanging around all scared, like it is now, I that night called the local police in Denia, since I am from there on arrival to my house, they said they would contact the local police Ondara to give part to the protective APAD, it seems incredible that it has not yet done anything for her ... it saddens me very much ...

  68. Diana says:

    Hello I would like to inform you that at Denia front of my house there is a dog that spends day and night on a balcony, barking and howling. In the c / patricio ferrandiz. Please this puppy needs your help. Thank you

  69. Nurieta says:

    there is a large lost dog, labrador mix prowling around the mall ondara! You can be in danger pq is next to the highway !!! go get it pobret was very scared!

  70. Ruben says:

    Hello sell Cocker spaniel of a year, is female brown dorada..Precio 90 € .Telf.676550513 (Ruben)

  71. sandy says:

    my contact number and 654451038

  72. sandy says:

    hello I urge regalr one enrezada bitch, with laurador, of 5 months poruqe my son 12 years has given a strong allergy please help me, graciasss

  73. cello says:

    hello deco dog mity American and dalmatian emra mui uena and save vevir with pecenio buts and cats only Diene 1 Anoy 3 months yy is mui mui mimosa and blaca with mui Pocitos freckles it made landfall poce voi of the country by travaro pofavor if Alcien it ciere dicamelo gacias

  74. vicen says:

    hl I have a Cahorra of 7 months dogo argentino, with cross american, I can not take care of him for the work I spend many hours outside, other circumstances, I would like to find a good home.

  75. blackhy says:

    Daria dog person who cared humanity and with outer space; because it is a podenco black, on the legs and tail white finish.

  76. Maite says:

    I live in Denia recently, not where the protective stands, I would like to visit and give a little affection for those animals who pay the consequences of human cruelty, is it possible?
    I have free time and maybe I can take a cordial greeting cable.Un

  77. Mélanie says:

    Hi, I wanted to encourage everyone here to adopt animals and do not buy them. My dog ​​is protective and is a hairy heart back, it's all love, and much smarter than most purebred dogs.
    On the other hand, I wanted to contact a possible protective pet therapy project.
    And especially thank the work of all protective, volunteers, and staff are great together, and your work is priceless

  78. protection says:

    hello I am a lover of animals and I would like to adopt your puppy. I can only give you all your whims love. I already have a puppy, because of my life, I have learned that my dog ​​is my best friend and the animals are very energetic and positive. I would be happy to adopt your puppy. I would appreciate it d corazon

    • xaro says:

      Amparo Hello I saw your ad and let me know if your offer still stands. I have a dog two very affectionate and used to being with people years. This brought up the problem is that I switch to a floor can not take me there. If you were so kind of answer I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance. I have no problem to send pictures of her.

    • teresa says:

      Hello Amparo. I have a dog I'm caring temporarily but can not cater for my work. I wonder if you can take care of him. If not race, has 4 years and is white is like a poodle. It is very well educated and its owners can not care for health reasons.
      I'll thank you to answer me. Thank you very much.

  79. Kela says:

    Hi, I wonder if you have German Shepherd puppies, and if you have the dais for adoption or ai to buy them ?. And where you are ?. Thank you!!

  80. francine remy says:

    Hi, I am very benevole, very active in an animal shelter here in Belgium and I am leaving at the beginning of March for 3 months in Denia. I would like to know if I could continue helping abandoned animals there?

  81. susana says:

    pekeñita wanted a pussycat of a mesnegra and blanquita for my girl

    • micaela says:

      It's a little late, but if you're still interested in adopting a kitten, I have 3, one female and two males. One is black and two white with black. Thank you . My phone 696587448. If you do not want maybe you know someone who wants to adopt.

  82. Lara says:

    Hello and I lost my puppy is a male yorksay ashen face with blond hair newly cut short. It has a year and a half and small stature. Thank the person who finds him € 350 thank you very much my phone is 648631527

  83. Carol says:

    can someone tell me where I can bring a dog to try to rehabilitate him, and in the center but Cesar Millan SPAIN, thanks

  84. angel says:

    I have a pit-bull dog 4años and 10 months, is very treatable with people and children, since I have two of 8 and 3 years respectivamente.La truth is that if someone knows this breed know it's a little possessive and aggressive with other animals.The dog has all vaccinations and chip.La truth is that I live in the countryside and have to emigrate abroad for issues trabajo.Si someone wanted to adopt him or tell me where I can host it for this good, it would be helpful. DOG MAX answers to the name.

  85. ana garcia says:

    Hello, I lost a puppy of medium schnaucer salt and pepper 4 months with cut tail, but no ears, please if you arrive, send e.mail.gracias or call 659836691.gracias.

  86. Carla says:

    I have a very nice kitten 4 months to give! urgently! for son allergy problems
    area Benidorm

  87. Isabel says:

    I want to give 7 bottles

    insulin for some dog
    diabetico you need it
    telf 618862458

  88. CARMEN SANCHEZ says:

    I have a cat about two months, precious, to be adopted. Telef. 659145203.

  89. mimi says:

    buscoo cat 4 months or less yk this acostumbradoa dogs of medium height

  90. ana says:

    Hello mestisa gift puppies breed, German shepherd and rotvaler of 3 months, and one year 1 dog, if you are interested send me a message on the phone 672537678

  91. tania solis says:

    qiero a puppy (a) chihuahua puppy (a) if you can urge me please leave my mail:

  92. ana albert says:

    Hi, I have two bags of feed Hill of 15 kilos.Os interested in? Where and when I can llevaroslo?
    Thank you Ana

  93. isa says:

    I lost a tiny dog ​​to black with the brown pechito and long OCIC is called Ary if you had none can be brought into contact was lost at 653271899 3,5 caretera km of sea greeting.

  94. veronica says:

    hello, I'm a gift in bichon maltes that I buy online. I think it's crossed because it's a little bit bigger than normal. but he is very affectionate. He is very cheerful. He listens to everyone. I give it away because I can not keep it with its vaccines and cleanliness because it has long hair.
    it is charming. the gift with his belt and everything.

    • Jose Ramon says:

      Hi good afternoon I'm looking for a Maltese bichon and even that is not tiny but accept it. Thank you

  95. M @ nu-s. says:

    Hello friends of the protective unfortunately I will have to cominicar the situation of a poor cat and two birds found day and night on the balcony of the third floor, C. 16 Pedreguer in Denia. Directly opposite is my office and hear him meowing from dento is very sad and something must be done, I fear that the owners are not interested at all if the cat suffers and is cold.
    Kind regards an animal lover.

  96. Pablo says:

    Hello and whether florent not adopt a puppy or not, but I have a dog that is mixed with schnauzer a year that I have to give because I do not change my country and I can take. If you are interested write me to my mail.

  97. florent says:

    Hi. I wanted to adopt a small breed dog but quesea one Hasi puppy when he grows even SEGIR queñito pe that mimadre not want Thenar a dog breed standard or large to mepodrias send the direcion street porquie donot where ye please still further this thinking my mother if we can have the Dog @ thank you. and mepasare algundia of or estasemana queviene Has the Dog @ that are up for adoption are gratis or have to pay? I hope buesatra response goodbye and thanks

  98. paco says:

    11.30 has today lost my dog, is a black labrador puppy three months still does not have the chip.le plays after kings, my daughter is three years. wearing a red and yellow harness. cariñoso.se is lost near the commercial center of ondara, thanks for helping

  99. cris says:

    hello good afternoon m gstaria know if they have any pekeña breed puppy is to go for el..kiero buy one but I have it so clear to take one before I cmprarlo d ... hopefully answer thanks

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