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Antonio Villaescusa 6º Wins International Competition for Creative Cuisine Red Gamba de Dénia

February 28 from 2017 - 16: 01

With recipe Red Prawn amb Bleda Dénia, sailor gazpacho with toastedThe chef Antonio Villaescusa, the restaurant Maestral Alicante, has proclaimed winner 6º International Competition of Creative Cuisine Red Gamba de Dénia which was held Tuesday at the Mercat Municipal. Villaescusa takes 2.500 euros plus a gift worth 1.000 euros for kitchen equipment, plus a sculpture by artist Toni Marí javiense check.

Throughout the morning, the Municipal Mercat de Dénia was swarming with people. Professional, curious and frequent visitors The plate They came to the central crossroads to see live the work of the eight chefs and their helpers, who gave the best of themselves in this important gastronomic event.

The second prize went to Antonio Rubio, the rte Meson Campero, Linares (Jaén), who presented the recipe Denia red shrimp, saffron sabayon and AOVE early, fried seaweed and artichokes. Rubio took 1.500 euros and a sculpture by Toni Marí.

Finally, the tecer prize this year went to Jose Primo, the rte La Borda D'Costa, The Puerto de Sagunto (Valencia), for the recipe Dénia red prawn and traditions. Thanks to this proposal 1.000 euros and a sculpture took.

Along with the winners, they have competed in this sixth edition five finalists: Lorenzo Anchelergues, Restaurant Lillas Pastia (Huesca), with recipe red shrimp soaked in milk tiger and cuttlefish noodles pesto borrajas; Ismael Cano, Sotón sale (Esquedas-Huesca), prepared Denia prawn with olive wood sauna; Hugo Sabater, of El Bohio (Illescas-Toledo), with Gamba de Dénia in its essence, thai coconut and spicy nuances; José Luis Adán, Restaurant Benares (Madrid), with recipe The pure red shrimp and José Carlos López Gámiz, Restaurant José Carlos Gámiz source (Puigcerdà-Girona), with a plate called Touched Wad.

institutional presence

El 6º International Competition of Creative Cuisine Red Gamba de Dénia It was supported by the Deputy Provincial Tourism, Eduardo Dolón, and the Regional Secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer, whose presence once again showed the support of the Institutions Culinary Dénia project.

Colomer, in a brief speech, said that "This International Competition is a magnificent example of teamwork and a sample of collaborative governance, thanks to which many projects can be carried out for the benefit of the tourism sector of our Community".

He also emphasized "the relevance of recovering the culinary tradition linked to the avant-garde and innovation, because few worlds like this are able to combine our past and future", Remembering that "We live a golden age in gastronomy and we must work to maintain it".

Tribute to Pepe Vidal

This year, the International Competition of Creative Cuisine Red Gamba de Dénia has paid tribute to the director of CDT Denia, Pepe Vidal, his career conducting the training center. The Mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, He praised the work of Vidal since arriving in Dénia in 1999 and commitment to gastronomy and training in the hospitality sector.

Pepe Vidal, excited by this recognition, thanked the memory that he has had from the competition, a recognition that especially devoted to his family.

To paraphrase the poet Gabriel Celaya, Pepe Vidal said that gastronomy "It is a weapon loaded with the future"Which contributes to improving employment and seasonality of tourism. But it is also something more than a tourist product. "Gastronomy - he has sentenced - will change the future of the city and the best is yet to come".

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