Andrea Fernández had a great role in Spain Duathlon Championships

10 2014 April - 10: 51

The Dianense triathlete, Andrea Fernández Had a good role in the Spanish Duathlon Championship held in the Asturian town of Avilés. The Dianense that this season premieres team, since it militates in the Club Triathlon Huracán Valencia entered in goal in the fifteenth position. His total time at the end of the test was 34 minutes and 49 seconds.

In the surroundings of the Avilés estuary, he established the organization of the test boxes and the starting and finishing line, next to the International Cultural Center "Oscar Niemeyer", a modern and emblematic building for the city.

The test had a record turnout since 91 duathletes were those who took part in the female cadet category. They all had to cover a first segment footrace of 3 kilometers a second run on bike 9.200 meters and a third segment footrace of 1.500 meters.

The winner of the test was, Cecilia Santamaría del Cid Triathlon Club with a total time of 32 8 minutes and seconds. Andrea Fernández applauded his performance considering the large existing level in this test.

Andrea Fernandez in Avilés

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