Andrea Fernández convened at the High Performance Center of Madrid

18 2014 April - 00: 00

The Dianense triathlete Andrea Fernández has been convened to train at the High Performance Center of Madrid, is incorporated on Monday, April 21 the residence Joaquin Blume CAR annexed to Madrid to start training all week.

There will share training with the national elite triathlon, a great experience that repeats the good results again this year our triathlete.

Andrea Fernández participated in the Sprint Triathlon of Gandia in the League of Clubs with her Club Hurricane Valencia. This team in its first female participation, I finish in a meritorious fourth place.

The training consisted of six triathletes they should reach a minimum target 4 compact group of girls. The Dianense made a large segment of swimming and cycling with a very good working group helped them to keep the fourth place finish.

In the last segment footrace things get complicated for Andrea Fernández as he finished towing a team mate exhausted by the effort.

Andrea Fernández Triathlon Gandia

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