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Students are trained in the cosmetic applications of the Mediterranean ecosystem

February 20 from 2020 - 10: 05

The students of the PFCB (Basic Qualification Training Programs) of the specialties of "Auxiliary activities in conservation and improvement of forests" and "Auxiliary services of hairdressing and aesthetics" taught by Creama Dénia have organized and shared a workshop on properties and principles assets of natural varieties present in Mediterranean ecosystems and their use in cosmetics.

In this activity, students share information about the knowledge acquired throughout the course. On the one hand, the students of the specialty of mountain conservation have selected, collected and dried the plant species to use and, for their part, the students of hairdressing and aesthetics have designed the procedure of elaboration of cosmetics, taking into account the Properties of the species.

With the natural ingredients chosen, they have developed three types of cosmetics: an orange body oil, lavender and laurel bath salts and lip balms made with shea butter, beeswax and beet or cinnamon powder.

This workshop aims to promote the use of natural products applied to personal aesthetics to publicize the properties and uses of native species, as well as to be involved in environmental sustainability, creating biodegradable products, which do not generate chemical waste or are aggressive with our body. In addition, it is an integrated project of work between the two programs that helps the learning of teamwork between different training specialties.

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