German students from the Official School this afternoon protest against his teacher

January 24 from 2012 - 00: 00

A total of six classes of German department of the Official Language School this afternoon protest against his teacher methodology when teaching the subject.

According to the students, the teacher does not follow the plan established by the school, loses the evaluations, does not teach grammar and takes the book's lessons far behind. In addition, they accuse him of spending more than half of the time in the class promoting non-school courses, of not knowing how to use the materials he takes to the classroom and attribute phrases such as "For what you have paid to be here, you cannot demand quality education, if you want quality, sign up for a particular academy".

Students have the support of the Board and the Department of German as well as the inspector, and are waiting to meet urgently with the Regional Director of Education to solve the problem. Meanwhile, protest outside the school this afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday at 5 afternoon.

  1. robert says:

    I have never written These emails

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  4. Aiss says:

    Pepe is very well and I fully understand what you are saying ... but if you work in private the feeling of being "burned" can become worse, don't you think?

    And what your accounts can spend on-secondary child etc ... where students are young, some forced to study unintentionally, etc ... but here we are talking about an EOI where people are going, are adults who enroll for their craving to learn languages, so in this case does not serve me your explanation. I am sorry.

  5. this is incredible says:

    I am also a student of this teacher and I am tired of not having taught us anything in more than four months, fed up with losing time, losing exams, not preparing classes ... and no, I do not say it is bad person, although these days is proving to be a little rude if that is. To the burned professors I give them all the right, but their well-being must be managed by THEM with the Administration and not by abandoning their functions. By the way, Pepe, in schools and institutes the students will be worse every day, but in the language school the students are ALL, older people, in some cases very old, with work and family responsibilities that the only thing we want is to learn German and that we can not afford to change a work shift or leave some children alone at home to lose 4 hours a week. It would be good for the people who are of the opinion to do so knowingly and adjusting to the subject. Do not take advantage to claim other causes, in some cases also lost.

  6. pepper says:

    I would like to give my opinion on educational issues in general, to know what is behind the situations we observe. As in any job, teachers must be authentic professionals. They must know their profession and be able to transmit their knowledge. From my own experience, I know that this is the case in most cases. However, I do not think that there is a control on the part of the center, especially in terms of schedules, guards, etc., that most teachers scrupulously comply with. In educational matters it is more difficult to enter and a control of contents and methodology by management could be counterproductive.
    That said if to emphasize what are the responsibilities of management and society applauds their policies. Let's see:
    - Education inspectors should visit educational centers more often and not to greet fulanito or menganito but to contribute ideas and collaborate in the improvement of the educational system.
    - The access system for teachers is deeply subjective. In secondary tests are writing and reading a topic from 5 drawn randomly. The second is the exposure of a teaching program. This second test is completely subjective being habitual in the same programming have a 2 one year and the next year you obtain one 9 and square. This ambiguity and lack of rigor future teachers suffer year after year during 5-6 years until one day the flute sounds and draw the square.
    It would be time for the access system to be objective. That really approves the one that knows the most. Therefore, the ideal would be a test type test with questions on the whole agenda and then a year of supervised practices that would be part of the selective system.
    The current system deeply frustrates opponents who do not know what they have done wrong.

    - On the other hand teachers before being officials often 5-6 years of interims. Acting means to be wandering throughout the Valencian community because management does not he wants comarcalizar substitutions. I can assure you that after a few years every month on a site, continuously adjust to new students and colleagues, spending much of the salary gasoline, holding students who still make less case because you do not put them notes, not knowing if a month next you go to work, etc, etc.
    In this plan as I say after a couple of years the teacher is deeply burned.

    - After all this between the year 2010 and 2012 the Valencian community has eliminated 3000 places of secondary and has thrown to the street to not less than interim 3000, but without saying anything, nor do the least to reposition them, without paying any dismissal .

    'These people you are looking for a job, when the administration calls them, usually for a couple of weeks, if they are not erased from the list, stop having them forever.

    - In addition, each day the student behavior in the classroom is worse, teachers are abandoned by the inspector and other bigwigs. Holding students who neither want nor let others study.

    - As has eliminated more than 3000 seats and more students each year, the groups are to rebentar. Overcrowded.

    - If all this we add the low status it has and has had the teaching profession, and who have been 2 very substantial decreases in salary. Ranging between 12-25% cumulative decline.

    It is understood that teachers are burned, discouraged, resentful and frustrated. Yet as I said before most are in their work are fulfilling their duty and doing a great role in society.

  7. teresa says:

    there are more teaching sites where similar things happen, for example in the conservatory ... they are children and do not know what to manifest. But in all schools, before that happens, there must be internal control, head of studies, director, meetings, objectives, ... and this has to be solved from within, before it happens to what has happened there ...

  8. Alumna1 says:

    It is that managers can do little charges, as the leaders of this teaching are consellería. That's not as private enterprise.

    And the management team if you have done to support us in our decisions and protests and showing us the way forward so that they can replace the teacher. They can not fire him, just join the complaints of students so that as they did, came an inspector.

  9. school says:

    It gives the impression that they are driving us as they want.
    As students of the EOI we have sent the complaints to the school's management, which is the one who has to make a determination in their study plans, and take care of the methodology of their teachers.
    It gives the impression that all these charges left over when we reached the point of being students who have to face this teacher face to face, and to be able to decide on their future careers when they charge to maintain order, control, and operation are others.

  10. Alumno2 says:

    Forgive me but Yes, you stick to reality, as a person is a beautiful person but as a teacher, leaves much to be desired. Let a teacher as an exercise for home tell us to copy and paste from the German Wikipedia as you are reading .... tell me what can be expected, it is more proof that it sticks to the truth is that all the positions of the school support us.

  11. Aiss says:

    Ah! I do not know him personally attacking him, but asks that the solution to the problem as quickly as possible is done and the demonstration is to hear us who have to hear us. We want a teaching professional, motivated and who can transmit and teach the class for which you get paid.

    If he feels attacked, he should consider what he is doing wrong

  12. Aiss says:

    This news if it sticks to reality ... the "student dissatisfied with the system" has been very nice that the one who has put it there has to fix it ... that is fantastically well written but the reality is different and it is that colleagues like you are the ones that are left over.

    He will have done his exams or the exams he wanted and he will have passed them (that's why he is there with a fixed position) but that does not mean he knows how to teach a class: they do not know this in the opposition or minimally because otherwise there would be many who already They would not be teaching.

    We as students of someone like this, we must be united and can be very horny and everything you want but that does not exempt him from his assignment (whoever has put him there, according to you) that is to teach us and not waste time in g.ilipolleces several.

    Reading you, truly I tell you, I think you must be of those who laugh grace when he tells something or lose time and I must be like another girl ... the pouting because he has the feeling that he is kidding.

    By the way, I'm also a student of that teacher, that's why I know what I'm talking about and I'm unable to understand that you prefer that we go against I do not know who and not against the one who is doing his job badly. Just in case, I will be in this manifestation this afternoon.

  13. a Dianense says:

    Well, if this is true, they should publish his name and dismiss him, that he go to a private academy to give more quality classes as he says. Years ago I went to a (private) school in Denia to study German and I had a 20-year-old teacher who didn't teach anything, she started with 15-20 min. always late, after a long time telling how well he had had the weekend (in Spanish), and then a lot of laughter and little class, the most curious thing is that the whole group laughed their thanks and the only one who did not I was happy with me, until once they all wanted to go to the bar with the teacher instead of teaching, and she said she couldn't because "the boss was in the office", incredible but true, I swear. If I pay to go from 8 to 10 at night and after 8 hours of work it is to study, to laugh I go to the bar. I mentioned it to the secretary of the academy, he said that I would talk to the boss, and to the next class very well, but in two days I would return to the same thing again, and above all I knew that the one who In the end I changed academy, and what a difference, high quality classes and an excellent teacher, the 1st month I learned more than in 6 months in the first academy.

  14. Student dissatisfied with the system says:

    I am a student of this teacher, and this news does not conform to reality. I am satisfied that the teacher teaches classes properly, but because he is not qualified to do so. Teachers should pass an exam before getting his job to see if they really have the power to teach. Responsible for we do not have a suitable teacher is who hired him, not the person itself.
    I understand that my colleagues are desperate, but I think it should not attack this person, but to which he has placed you in a position for which you are qualified.

  15. Sabina Adolphi says:

    If they need a teacher with experience and qualifications to get in touch with me.

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