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Almudena Seguros Dénia Benidorm Altea offers you the most complete multi-insurance

05 March 2019 - 11: 10

Does your travel insurance include travel insurance? Are you looking for the most complete insurance? Would you like to have your death insurance with health coverage? In Almudena Seguros Denia Benidorm Altea you have the most complete insurance so that together with your death insurance you have the best coverages in several areas.

The multi-insurance is much more than a simple death insurance, it offers you the opportunity to have different coverages such as: health, legal assistance, travel assistance, as well as exclusive discounts.

Coverage related to health

Almudena Seguros gives you confidence in complicated situations. If you have an accident and it leaves you with sequels, thanks to Almudena Seguros you can have help and they will support you with an indemnity that will vary according to the capital contracted in the policy.

In addition Almudena Seguros will also be with you if you need to perform at home an adaptation to mobility, offering you high-quality professionals at reduced prices, with quality assurance up to 6 months.

Other great advantages that we find in this insurance are:

- Economic protection between € 180 up to € 900 for a full month, always calculating based on the days you are in the hospital after an operation, for a maximum of 4 months.

- If by admission or postoperative you have to be at rest, in Almudena Seguros they offer you 8h of free personal assistance at home, to help you in certain tasks related to the home.

- Health and dental care with access to discounts on consultations, diagnostic tests and surgical interventions.

Counseling coverage of lawyers and criminal legal defense

With Almudena Seguros you will have legal advice and criminal legal defense in all situations in which you need to defend your interests.

Exclusive discounts

At Almudena Seguros you have different exclusive discounts on your online or physical purchases. Find out about all the advantages of being from Almudena Seguros and your discounts on day-to-day purchases.

Travel health assistance

Both in Spain and abroad, Almudena Seguros guarantees hospitalization in the place where the accident or illness occurred. And of course, many services that are necessary for your companion.

Travel insurance

This multi-insurance will also include travel insurance with exclusive discounts when booking your vacations or short breaks.

You will be covered for any unforeseen event such as accident, illness, loss of luggage, flight delay, advance funds and much more!

Remember: With Almudena Seguros your death insurance is much more! Find out more in detail on the 96 578 03 49 phone.

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