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Almudena Seguros Dénia Benidorm Altea will provide the Marina Alta with a machine with prizes for recycling in its facilities

06 September 2019 - 10: 30

The problem of marine pollution is increasingly serious, reaching extreme global levels. The most polluting waste and the one that takes longer to disintegrate is plastic, so from Almudena Seguros Denia Benidorm Altea They have developed an action for recycling, perfect to raise public awareness. In this sense, Pablo López, Exclusive Agent of Almudena Seguros in Dénia, announces that a pioneering ecological initiative has been launched in Spain.

-Tell us more about this recycling project for the people of the Marina Alta.

The Almudena Seguros Dénia Project consists in helping to raise public awareness of the need to recycle, in this case plastic bottles and cans, so that together we can put our grain of sand to help the planet.

-How do you plan to carry out this awareness?

We have allied ourselves with the company 'Ecosegundos', a pioneer company in offering exclusive advantages to anyone who recycles in their smart containers, like the one we already have in our facilities in Dénia.

-How can dianenses recycle and what will they get in return?

The company 'Ecoseconds' has created a technological system, by which, when plastic bottles are introduced into a container, the waste is counted and then a ticket is printed with the points obtained, called 'Ecoseconds'. The citizen can exchange these points for discounts and exclusive offers in all partner companies. All this will be done easily through the Ecosegundos APP, where you can see which companies and discounts to acquire, in a multitude of collaborating establishments.

The more you recycle, the more you and the planet earn

-What is Ecoseconds?

It is a company from Granada that is endorsed by major brands such as 'Telefónica España', raising awareness about the importance of recycling waste, through the circular economy. The idea arises from European countries where they already have incentive systems for monetary recycling.

-Why does Almudena Seconds commit to this challenge?

Without a doubt, our goal is to become the reference center for recycling in the Marina Alta, thus carrying out activities of a Socially Responsible Entity, something that for our size is not even mandatory, but that we believe is our responsibility, as a company , promote this type of actions. We have the great objective of making Dianenses aware of the importance of leaving an ecological legacy to future generations. What is clear is that either we change our customs regarding the treatment of waste or we will end sooner or later with the planet.

-What advantages does Almudena Seguros Dénia plan to promote for people to recycle?

We will give direct gifts for delivering bottles in our machine and we will also carry out raffles among all those who join the cause of recycling for a better world. The idea is to encourage the collection of large quantities of material for recycling. We have detected, like the company 'Ecosegundos', that many people do not recycle because of the lack of incentives that motivate them beyond the fact of doing ecological work.

-How will it reach all dianenses and tourists?

We believe that this is a great path, but that we have to walk it together, that is why we see the support of Dénia small and large companies as fundamental. Together with 'Ecosegundos' we want to make an appeal and raise awareness of their responsibility to the environment. For this reason, we will do our best so that more shops in Dénia can offer incentives for recycling and encourage more people to join the challenge.

Visit Almudena Seguros Dénia Benidorm Altea at its facilities in Dénia, in Cándida Carbonell street, 1 - Local A and find out all the details. Trust them if you need an insurance and savings product: Death, Home, Communities, Commerce, Health, Accidents, Life, Savings and Investment, Guaranteed Pension Plans.

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