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Alberto and his family get a car adapted thanks to regional solidarity

November 05 from 2016 - 00: 30

The solidarity of various county entities has managed to make a significant need for a small Dianense reality of 11 years. Alberto, who suffers Pelizaeus Merzbacher, one of the so-called "rare diseases", finally has an adapted car where you can travel with your wheelchair with your family.

Alberto adapted for car

And all thanks to the solidarity of different regional groups that have an interest in your case and have managed to make this important acquisition for Alberto and his parents actually. Jessica Romero, mother of Alberto, has been fighting for the quality of life of her son since a year was diagnosed with the disease. But Alberto grows, and it all adapted for it is becoming more complicated.

That is why three years ago started a collection of plastic caps to raise money to finance the purchase of a vehicle adapted, whose price amounted to 30.000 euros. In this adventure he had the collaboration of the company Segaria PlastThe City of Dénia and Urbaser, which plugs stored and transferred to the company. Thanks to this joint collection of caps, managed to raise 3.000 euros, but it was not enough to buy the car.

At the same time that this was happening, and with the collaboration of her friend Teresa Rawlinson, she searched through the Facebook group Connect Javea a rental house in the neighboring municipality to rest a few days with his family. Jessica what I wanted at that time was to get a more affordable vacation rental, and finally got what was that four people would selflessly give in their homes for a few days off with his family.

Jessica Romero and Teresa Rawlinson

Following that first contact with the group, were many people who were interested in the story of Alberto and wanted to collaborate economically with the family. I also contacted them non-profit organization Grant a Wish, Which helps families with special needs. The result? thanks to the collaboration of all these collective and anonymous people, Jessica and her family were able to fund the entire vehicle adapted.

Now that the acquisition of the vehicle is a reality, Jessica, on behalf of his family, wanted to publicly thank the collaboration of people and organizations that have made this possible, such as Connect Javea, Grant a Wish, The Original Charity Shop de Jávea, The Secure StorageLark Erikson and his companions, Lynn Capon and Friends of Oliva; Lions Teulada and Moraira; Albertos fund, Ian, Hannah and Karl. Jessica especially wanted to highlight the collaboration of two women, Aileen and BJ, thanks to the challenge of climbing to the Mirador de Jávea got 3.000 euros for the cause.

All of them, along with the sale of the old family vehicle, for which they gave 8.000 euros, have made it possible from now Alberto mobility much easier.

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