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Alarming state of the sea in a historic storm

January 20 from 2020 - 11: 13

The experts already warned, the conditions of these days will be striking, even extraordinary, but the really important thing we would find in the sea. And so it has been.

The Dianense coast has been suffering from the onslaught of strong waves caused by the hurricane wind since Sunday afternoon, which have reached up to 8 meters at some points.

This has caused that in many places the sea has invaded the road, as in Les Marines or Esplanade Cervantes, as well as the areas that already get used to it with the rain, such as Les Brises.

Especially impressive is the video that arrives from the Marineta Cassiana, where neither the posidonia barrier nor the promenade has prevented the sea from reaching the road.

The sea storm is being one of the most intense of the last century. In Dénia, the waves have shattered the promenade and reached the streets. In addition to the waves, we have a cyclonic surge of book by the storm Gloria. We do not know the author of the video, to see if it appears here 😉

Published by Laboratory of Climatology - University of Alicante on Monday, January 20 of 2020

To this has been added the heavy rainfall, torrential at times, which has flooded the land area, joining in points that come from the interior with those that leave the coast.

The strength of this event has also been noted on land, but without a doubt the bravery of the water hitting Dénia is leaving the most worrisome images of the day.

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  1. Pepe JUAN says:

    Having beaches fuck now to recover those that the sea is taken. Small craks.

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