Thanks from the HLA San Carlos Hospital to companies and individuals for their signs of affection

22 2020 April - 10: 14

Many companies and individuals have shown their support in these almost two months of the coronavirus crisis, in the form of altruistic donations of sanitary and non-sanitary material to all hospital personnel. HLA San Carlos.

Some of these donations come from the Medisand company, from private individuals Martín-Loeches and from the Higgins Davis family, in the form of medical supplies. The nuns of the Hermanas Agustinas Recoletas Convent and the “Valientes de Beniarbeig” Association also wanted to join this initiative by donating a significant amount of masks. Similarly, Vicente Castells, the AECC of Ondara and the UTE Solidaria La Ribera have collaborated by donating protective screens that have been so useful for all the care staff.

Along these same lines, the Giner Gallego family, “El Bollo” bakery, the Higgins Davis family and La Xerna Restaurant, among others, have wanted to show their full support with food donations, such as Easter cakes, chocolates, cookies and pasta. for the times when recharging your strength was so necessary.

The children of the Alfa y Omega School have also offered their love and encouragement to all the toilets with their fantastic drawings and strokes that have brought out more than a smile. Finally, one cannot forget the gestures of the State Security Forces, both the Local Police and the National Police, as well as the Denia Red Cross and Civil Protection that have been present with their sirens and applause at eight in the afternoon every day. .

To all of them and many more, the Hospital HLA San Carlos thanks you for your donations and expressions of support and love during these difficult days.

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