Agreement for masks to become mandatory

May 18 from 2020 - 20: 53

The Government has agreed with the rest of the executives of each autonomous community to make the use of face masks compulsory in public spaces. Until now, its use was merely recommended with the exception of public transport, where for a few days it has been considered essential. Now, with this twist, the fact of not wearing a mask in certain spaces will be punishable.

During de-escalation, as soon as it is published, this protective equipment must be used on the street whenever it is impossible to guarantee the minimum safety separation. This distance is 2 meters on public roads and in those closed spaces allowed.

  1. Cristina says:

    With this heat from outside you cannot be with a mask in your mouth

  2. Acilia says:

    Long live the seed! And everyone is so happy that they take care of us !!! One more small step for abhorrence. My God, stop the world that brought me down.

  3. Marcel august says:

    This, the obligation to wear masks now, in this late stage of the pandemic, is proof that the “measures” are not for our health but to denigrate us, destroy the social structure, take away our joy, our meetings, weaken our immunity , separate people, take our energy, our will to fight, our will to survive. Masks, which do not stop viruses but allow bacteria to reproduce inside. But, maybe, if the government pushes the idiocy enough, will the people understand what is happening to them?

    • Diego says:

      I think the same. This is all pure theater. They wanted to steal our immunity by keeping us locked up. And masks are no more than making your head hurt from breathing your own polluted air. Ah, but it seems that we are fine. Out of work and in debt.

    • SALCEDO says:

      The problem is no longer the government or the masks, it is ours or rather those irresponsible people who do not comply with the distancing, the security measures, the measures of ingestion, because of being the way we are, so let's not blame the politics that I am not defending, but what has happened has been more the fault of all those irresponsible people and this will continue to be chaos as long as they continue like this.

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