Acord Ciutadà bets on a 'Dénia without evictions'

09 2015 April - 13: 43

The number 2 candidate lists EU-ERC-Els Verds municipal, María José Juárez, said that if he won the elections "We will leave Dénia without evictions". Guanyem Juárez belonging to Dénia and is part of Acord Ciutadà informed the media that the coalition intends to open an office of attention to the families affected by this problem and create mechanisms of action between the Court and the office for each case.

The candidate also spoke of the need to accept the protocol of the Bar so there "eviction specialists" and conduct a census of houses affected so that they are "held by banks" encumber.

Training also stressed the need to give psychological support to those affected and addressed other related issues such as "energy poverty". That is, when families can not afford basic services like electricity, water or gas.

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