20 years of learning and experiences: the trajectory of Ana Aranda from the Guaraná aesthetic Center

November 25 from 2020 - 09: 00

"Twenty years have passed since that little practice room", explains Ana Aranda, manager of Guarana beauty center, about his 20-year career in the profession. Beautician and entrepreneur with a vocation and devotion, Ana analyzes her journey, with which many entrepreneurs and freelancers can identify: full of patience, difficulties and joys.

20 years ago, Ana finished her studies and began her career in the professional world. "When I was barely 18 years old and fresh out of the academy, I began my internship in a small room in a hairdresser on Quevedo Street. The beautician decided to dedicate herself to her motherhood, although she had a good clientele, so the hairdresser suggested that I stay with her and continue sharing expenses. With fear, respect, and help and support from my parents, I accepted. I saw myself fresh out of training and already running a business. I thank my family for every penny they had to invest to help me get ahead. I was there for four years, long enough to make myself known. "

At the end of the four years in her first center, Ana explains how it came about Guarana. "I made friends with a great beautician, we talked about setting up something together, bigger, and in a short time we set up Centro de Esthetic Guarana. The name comes from his last name plus my name: we also liked it because guarana is the active principle of many cosmetic components. We took a flat in an office building on Marquesado Avenue, we made two rooms and we put up a solarium. Hundreds of people came to the inauguration, it was a great success and in the first two years we began to have so much work that the place became too small for us. We prepared another much larger apartment in the same building, we made six rooms and the work together continued to prosper "

Despite the strong growth of the business in a short time, the economic crisis of 2008 arrived. "A couple of years later, with the arrival of the super strong crisis, work dropped a lot, I would dare to say that there was hardly any work for one, but not for two. Although we knew he was a passenger, one of us decided to leave to continue with another safer activity. I went ahead as best I could, rented some rooms and looked for alternatives, I was unable to lock Guarana when there were still people who kept calling to our phone. I looked for a center in Oliva to generate more income and closed my own on Wednesdays. Some time later I got pregnant and had to look for someone to help me: the work was improving but when I returned from my maternity ward, I returned to be alone ".

After a year, Ana decided to move to the place downstairs, where she is currently, sought help again and little by little she started again. It has been 20 years since she began her career, her premises have been expanded and she has a worker and a great collaborator. I've been here, because of circumstances they left and new ones came, I learned something from everyone. My partner, my main support when bills don't stop coming in, the quarter arrives or it is the beginning of the month; the self-employed understands me "

The Dianense entrepreneur who has been betting on aesthetics and local commerce for 20 years, also wanted to thank her clients for their support. "Thanks to each client who has trusted me, without them this would not be possible. And thanks to Dénia.com for letting me share these 20 years of learning, patience, suffering and joys with each one of you."

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  1. Silvia says:

    For me it is the best aesthetic center installation for 13 years I am going to "Guarana" for me the best without a doubt, and it is always being updated, x 50 more years !!!!