The Marina Alta distributes more than 20 million euros with the great prizes of the Christmas Lottery

22 December 2019 - 09: 16

La Xara (Dénia) and Moraira have been the two towns in the Marina Alta region that have sold two of the 13 great prizes that the Christmas Lottery Draw collects. The first prize, the 26.590 It has fallen to several Spanish cities being one of them, the population of Moraira, in which its administration, El Fortí, has sold a total of five series of this number.

And again, joy returned to the region with a fifth prize, el 74.770 which has been sold in the tobacconist of the district of La Xara.

Draw Chronicle

At 9:11 a.m., the expected Christmas Draw of 2019 has begun. Through this writing we have followed this raffle live to inform each of the first prizes that were coming out and that the children of the Colegio San have been singing Ildelfonso of Madrid.

El First Prize, the Fat of the Christmas Lottery has been an early riser; at 9:19 the 26.590, prize of 4 million euros to the series, 400.000 euros to the tenth. A very distributed prize that has been sold in the Marina Alta, specifically in the Moraira lottery administration.

At 9:49 one of the eight left fifths awards. The number 75.206 awarded with 6.000 euros per tenth and 60.000 euros per series. This was the second prize of the day.

At 10:24 a.m. another fifth prize was known, the 06.293. This was the second of eight fifths that came out in the third table.

At 10:40 a.m. they sang the 66.212, a fifth prize that came out again in the fourth table of the Christmas Draw. Three minutes later another fifth prize came out, the 74.770 sold in several cities including La Xara (Dénia), in our region.

El Third award has fallen on the 00.750 also sold in different cities of Spain.

At 11:31 a.m. the Second prize of the Christmas Lottery awarded 1,2 million euros to the series. The number 10.989 It has been sold in several cities of the Spanish geography.

Other fifth prize It left at 12:46. He 69.823 distributes 60.000 euros to the series in different cities.

The last fifth has arrived at 13:12, 81.610 It has been the eighth number of the fifth prizes that has given joy to several populations of the Valencian Community among others.

And the last prize, the second of Fourth He left at 13:15 p.m. He 49.797 distributes 200.000 euros to the series.

Winning numbers in 2019 Christmas Gordo

    1º Prize:

  • 26.590 very distributed. With a prize of 4 million euros to the series has come out at 9:19 in the first table.

    2º Prize:

  • 10.989, sold in several cities of the Spanish geography.
    3er Prize:

  • 00.750. He left at 11:10 a.m. 500.000 euros to the series. Sold in several towns of the country.
    4º Awards:

  • 41.710, sold in several locations.
  • 49.797 Very spread in our country.
    5º awards:

  • El 75.206 sold in Soria. 6.000 euros per tenth and 60.000 euros per series.
  • El 06.293 distributed by different cities of Spain.
  • El 26.059 sold entirely in Palamós, Girona.
  • El 66.212 very distributed, sold in many corners of our country.
  • El 74.770 It has been sold in several cities among them in our region, in the Marina Alta, specifically in La Xara (Dénia).
  • El 54.527 sold only in Segovia.
  • El 69.823 also very distributed in Spain.
  • El 81.610 sold in different locations of the Valencian Community.
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